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Stay Safe: Call The Bath Specialists in Oshawa for Bathroom Safety Products

Contrary to popular belief, the most dangerous room in your home is not the kitchen. Most of us are well aware of the need to be cautious when working with sharp knives and hot stoves, but we often overlook the safety hazards that lurk in the bathroom. Bathroom-related injuries are most common among the elderly and people with medical conditions that affect their mobility.

Common Bathroom Injuries

Falls while bathing or showering are the most common type of bathroom injury, but getting on and off the toilet can also be problematic. Slipping, tripping, and stumbling can cause injury as well.

Call for a Safer Bathroom

The Bath Specialists can help you make your bathroom safe for everyone in your home by installing a variety of safety equipment. For example, grab bars can be installed inside the tub or shower and by the toilet to provide added support for those who are prone to falls. Safety seats and chairs can be used to make bathing or showering easier for those who cannot stand for long periods of time, and we can also install tub cut-outs to make entry and egress easier. We can convert your bath into a walk-in tub in less than a day!

Our trained professional technicians can also apply a chemical treatment to the bottom of your metal or cast iron bathtub or floor tiles. This process leaves an invisible film that eliminates the slippery surfaces that can increase the risk of falls without negatively affecting the overall visual look of the room. We also install shower chairs and carry

non-suction bath mats for added safety.

Bath Cut-Outs

Did you know that you can make your bathtub accessible for a fraction of the cost of installing a walk-in tub? Increase your tub's accessibility with a tub cut-out, while still retaining the ability to fill your bathtub if needed. We can convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower in less than one day by removing a section of the tub and placing a molded insert, making it easy to access the shower without having to lift your leg over the side. A water-tight cap can be plugged in to the removed section so that the bathtub can still be filled for others in the house, yet still removed easily to increase accessibility.

Safety Seats and Bath Chairs

Safety seats and bath chairs are cost-effective ways to improve ease of use and accessibility in your home. Safety seats and bath chairs greatly reduce the risk of accidental falls, making showering more comfortable and safe.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are incredibly useful for those with limited or impaired mobility. Using grab bars in the washroom enhances mobility and improves the washroom’s overall usability.

Non-Suction Bath Mats

After you’ve had your bath refinished, you may want to consider a safety product such as a bath mat. We stock a great selection of excellent quality non-suction bath mats that offer stability and help to prevent slips and falls. Unlike suction bath mats, non-suction bath mats will not damage your finish or void your warranty.

No More Struggle

With a cut-out, you won’t have to struggle to lift yourself over the tub wall and unlike a traditional walk-in tub, there’s no need to sit and wait for the water to drain. The tub can be used just like a regular bath tub. Using a cut-out is inexpensive, effective, and has advantages over other expensive systems.

Non-Slip Tub Surfaces

Increase in-tub safety with a non-slip surface. Non-slip surfaces are easy to apply, affordable, and incredibly effective in helping to prevent falls and slips. Even when sitting down in a tub, injuries can occur without a non-slip coating.

To learn more about how bathrooms can be modified to protect seniors and those with medical conditions that affect their mobility, please call The Bath Specialists at 905-571-5464 or email us at

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