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Win-Win: Save Money and Get a New Bathroom! Call Us in Durham and Peterborough Today

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Hold that call! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a new bathroom; at The Bath Specialists we can make your bathroom look brand new again with tile, tub, and sink refinishing. We can quickly repair and refinish your tub to make it look and feel brand new all over again; for over twenty years, The Bath Specialists have been refinishing commercial and industrial bathrooms throughout the Durham Region and Peterborough using only high-quality refinishing products.

We use Bathtub King technology and BCI Acrylic Bath Systems to refinish and fit over existing bathtubs, tiles, sinks, and shower enclosures, for an attractive, waterproof finish. What’s more, we can make your bathroom a safer place. We can install a number of safety products such as grab bars, seat and safety chairs—even invisible (and safe) anti-slip chemical treatments for your tub or floors.

When you're working within a tight budget, refinishing is the most economical solution to brighten up your bathroom. Refinishing is an excellent way to repair minor cosmetic damage or to simply update a bathtub or sink that is the wrong color.


Proven Techniques and Technology

The Bath Specialists, using proven Bathtub King technology, have been refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and tiles since 1995. Our refinishing process involves preparing the surface of your tub making repairs where needed, applying a quality basecoat and applying a durable epoxy finish to the surface. We take great care to mask and drop-cloth the rest of the bathroom to prevent any overspray. The application of the finish can be completed in approximately three hours, with a 48-hour curing period needed before the area is suitable for normal use.


Respect for Your Property

When you book an appointment with The Bath Specialists, you can be assured that your property will be treated with the utmost care. Once the application is complete, our technician will explain how to care and maintain your new surface. Refinishing work comes with a four-year guarantee for residential homes and a two-year guarantee for commercial or rental property.

To learn more about how refinishing can affordably enhance the look of your bathroom, please call The Bath Specialists at 

905-571-5464 or drop us a line via email!

Need a Quote?

Call us in Oshawa for quotes for bathroom refinishing.

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