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Tough and Beautiful: Acrylic Bath Installations for Your Durham Region and Peterborough Home

In 2006, The Bath Specialists expanded its product line to include acrylic tub liners, wall systems, and accessories. Acrylic installations are a convenient way to improve the look of your bathroom while increasing your home's overall resale value. Acrylic has become a popular choice for bathroom remodeling projects because it doesn’t chip, dent, crack, peel, or fade. It retains heat three times longer and is warm to the touch, providing a comfortable bathing experience.

durable and beautiful

Durable and Beautiful

Acrylic liners are known for their longevity. They are often more durable than comparable fiberglass tubs and are less likely to have mold or mildew issues. The Bath Specialists use products from BCI Acrylic Bath Systems, the largest independent manufacturer of acrylic bath liners, shower liners, and wall surrounds. BCI acrylic products have a lifetime warranty and are available in a variety of colors, designs, and tile patterns. At The Bath Specialists, we'll work with you to select an option that best fits your bathroom's existing decor. 

wall system

Wall Systems

Acrylic wall systems can typically be installed over existing tiles. In most cases, acrylic installations can be completed in just one day, unlike tile replacement, which can be destructive, dirty, time-consuming, and expensive. Acrylic liners offer immediate results with no demolition necessary.

24 hour curing time

Complete in Just One Day!

After just 24-hours, you can use your bathroom as normal. Our adhesives are fully cured after just a day! The Bath Specialists is fully insured and bondable. We are committed to providing top-quality service and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of acrylic tub liners, wall systems, and accessories. To learn more about how acrylic installations can improve the look of your bathroom, please call The Bath Specialists at 905-571-5464 or email us at

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